99 Days of Freedom

July 9, 2014

All over the world, people have been outraged by facebooks newest experiment to see if they can manipulate feelings based on what is shown us on our newsfeeds. So, now there is a website 99daysoffreedom.com who is challenging us to see if we can go 99 days without Facebook. Of course I am up for the challenge. I’ve gotten off Facebook before and I can do it again. Thanks to the Detroit Free Press for sharing the article about the experiment. I hope you all will follow my journey. I plan to document different things I come across that I can no longer do because I am not using FB. The biggest thing I am giving up that I know off hand is my support group for my Pernecious Anemia blood disease. So many great resources in that group. But, it goes to show how we do everything through Facebook. Let me know if you are doing the experiment too. I’m still on twitter and Instagram @shortcakessheep.

Random facts

June 15, 2014

Here are some random facts, which make Katie from MI unique:

-I am katie from Michigan from being on the Rush Limbaugh Show 6 times

-I’m a very proud lefty

-I’ve met all the Bush and Cheney families (read previous posts about that)

-I’m all over the map politically, and do NOT watch Fox News (gag me)

-I love prisoners

-I love my Shih Tzu

-I love the Detroit Red Wings and want so badly to ride the zamboni during a game

-Jonny Cash is my homeboy

-June Hunt is my hero

-people I want to meet: Gary Busey, Tony Shalhoub, Donald Trump, Shonda Rhimes-well, and the whole greys cast among others

-I don’t use a study Bible…I just can’t. Ever since leading in BSF I have come to love just reading the Word without anyone’s commentary.

-I love well written books and TV because I loooove a good story with character development 

-I am a very outgoing introvert. I love public speaking but recharge in solitude. 

-I desire to know the Shepherd more each day and make Him known. I screw up more than I can count, but He loves me. I belong to Him!

Friday Thanks

June 13, 2014

The less things go the way I want, the more reasons I find to give thanks!

-open windows letting in a perfect breeze

-dear friend driving me to my procedure yesterday

-family bringing me food and lots of laughs

-walks in the fresh air, breathing energized relaxation into my weary body

-promises from the Shepherd as he carries me thru each moment

-niece and nephew screeches of joy

-a b12 shot today giving me a boost

-feeling better than yesterday

-the bills are paid for the month

-groceries have been purchased

-a full night’s sleep last night

-txts from friends that make me laugh so hard

-a quiet apartment to just be still today

-wonderful news from prison

Remembering the Sheep Lady

June 1, 2014

I have been diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia. This is a huge answer to prayer to finally start to get answers for my messed up body. Basically, this is an autoimmune disease, which doesn’t allow my body to absorb vitamin b12. No matter how much b12 I eat or pills I swallow, my intestines will not absorb it because I lack the intrinsic factor antibody. So, b12 injections for the rest of my life. Thanks to whoever discovered this so the pernicious anemia diagnosis isn’t so pernicious anymore! I am in the midst of going to a few specialists to see what kind of damage to my system has occurred. 

I started getting infusions at the cancer center this week. It made me really sad to see all the people getting chemo. I am not a needle person, but I am happy to get the treatments because I can already feel a difference. Being there made me remember my Sheep Lady, Laura. My good friend who fought a long battle with cancer. Laura was amazing. She reached out and encouraged me in a very difficult season of my life, all the while fighting her own battle. We bonded as two writers and journalists, and she fully supported my obsession with sheep! I have several sheep gifts from her that I will never get rid of. Her condition worsened a few years ago and I had the opportunity to drive her to treatment. I loved talking with her because she was hilarious…and even toward the end when her voice sounded funny because her vocal chords were paralyzed. We talked soooo much thru Facebook chat in her final days because she couldn’t talk comfortably. I loved that she could just say “pray for me” and I could say the same to her. She just “got it.” We would chat several times a day and I loved it.

I think these memories have flooded back this weekend because being in the cancer center made me proud to know Laura. She had such an influence on all around her and was an encourager to so many people struggling with chronic illness. And now, even though I do not have cancer, I sit in the same chairs she sat in and have the opportunity to be an encouragement to others. I am thankful for God’s provision in my life and how He blessed me with Laura! I know she is saving me a place right by her and the Shepherd!!

To not be said in a prison…

May 23, 2014

I spend a lot of time in jails and prisons. I’ve thought for weeks many things that come out of my mouth in society would not go over well if said or done in prison. 

So, here is a list of things that have come out of my mouth, some in a joking matter and some not, that I would get escorted out if I said in a prison:

- “I am going to kill you”

- can’t say about one of my inmates “she’s gonna kill me if I…”

-“I need drugs” (medicine)

-“where are my drugs” (medicine)

-“we gotta bust out of here”


When you work in prison, obviously sadness and pain are abundant, so bringing up funny things is a must for our sanity. For those of you who go in prisons, what would you add to this list?

wilderness conditions

May 18, 2014

The past several years, and more recently the past 12 months, have been wilderness conditions. Remember the Israelites and their wandering in the desert to prepare their hearts for the promised land? I am beyond thankful for God’s faithfulness in this season of life and I am glad for His mercy during my times of “Israelitis” (my term for the constant complaining to the Lord about circumstances). 

One thing I am rejoicing about this evening is my health. As I write this, I am in quite a bit of pain. However, yesterday I received my final blood results of a work up my doctor did and it confirmed I have Pernicious Anemia. My body lacks the intrinsic factor antibody so it can’t absorb vitamin b12. After several years of feeling poor and even more so this past year, I have an answer. This seems to be a rare blood condition and it used to be deadly before doctors figured out how to treat it. I am so thankful the Great Physician has given me this hope of feeling better and starting treatment to hopefully keep the more serious complications that can occur away. I am praying I can get in to see my hematologist asap!!! 

The Shepherd also has provided me with some interesting employment prospects. I am thankful for this and even though I can’t go into too much detail now, I am glad for the process of checking out all my options. 

Spiritually speaking, the Lord has been good to me and has been showing me more and more I can leave deep wounds in the past and move on with His grace. I have been deeply hurt and treated so poorly by the Church, it’s easy for me to hold onto it tightly and let it fester. I don’t want to be hurt again. Spiritual abuse is very hard to deal with along with the emotional abuse that goes along with it all. But, even this weekend when I went to a place that has been such an extremely toxic and non Christ-like environment for me in the past, I was able to enjoy myself and not panic over the memories. I know many people who take their hurt out on God because of other “christians” behavior. I am slowly learning I do not need to do so. I can’t base my relationship with Christ on how others treat me. I can live my life fully, learn from the past and move forward.

Prison. My place I feel and am most free in Christ. The love of Christ is full behind bars. My inmates constantly bless me and nothing makes me happier than to experience life with them. I am so humbled to see the Holy Spirit work in the lives of inmates and myself. He is so alive and pursues us like crazy. 

Life has been a hard adventure lately, but I wouldn’t change it. The deep struggles on every level and facet of my life have only been a gift. If I wouldn’t have been struggling on such a deep level, I wouldn’t have the compassion and urgency to share Christ. 

Still thankful…

May 15, 2014

I haven’t posted a thankfulness list in a while…or even a random post for that matter. I’m back! 


-food and shelter…not one day goes by I do not forget how blessed I am to have both.

-sister, brother, nephew and niece. They have been making my heart full the past few weeks.

-my mom. Yea, she is the best. 

-Netflix. Lol I didn’t go long without it. 

-books to read and enjoy.

-really exciting job opportunities.

-the Shepherd. He makes all things possible. He loves me. I am His found sheep. 

-encouragement and prayer from soooooo many people. 

-my dear ones in prison. I love them so much it hurts! The Shepherd uses them to bless me continually. 

-Johnny Cash…my homie. His music speaks to my heart and his legacy in prison reform gets me moving.


-a full tank of gas

-my little, brown puppy dog. 


April 11, 2014

Life lately…despite being sick, the weeks still fly by. I don’t know why God has me in this season of life, but…He knows! I have a peace knowing the Shepherd provides for me every minute. I am so thankful for His presence. The Lord is good to me. His love never fails.


March 3, 2014

I looooove Netflix. I don’t have cable and the channels on my tv barely work. So, streaming shows on my devices is so much fun. I have gotten sucked into so many shows i wouldn’t normally watch…but, they are there. Especially being so sick lately it’s easy to watch a show when I am resting and trying to feel better. Well, I have decided my brain needs a break from Netflix. the shows I watch on the channels i get on tv are on right now so that keeps me busy. I have too many things to do, books to read, and letters to write that I get get caught up in wasting time watching Netflix. Ok, with this bitter cold weather it’s been very nice to keep me entertained. Time for a little break for this Netflix junkie. I know when the third season of house of cards comes out I will be back to watch that, but until then, good bye Netflix. 


February 24, 2014

Ok…I REEEEEEALLY hate asking people for money. However, my friend set up a “Go Fund Me” page to raise support for prison ministry and encouraged me to do the same. Sooooo, I am going to try it. I will see where The Lord leads and if this would be a good way to get some expenses covered. I love what I do in the prisons and yet it is a financial burden. I you would like to check out my page or if you know anyone who may like to support me, please send them my link :



i am so grateful for the financial and prayer support I continue to receive. Thank you for coming alongside me in my ministry. To God be the Glory.

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