April 11, 2014

Life lately…despite being sick, the weeks still fly by. I don’t know why God has me in this season of life, but…He knows! I have a peace knowing the Shepherd provides for me every minute. I am so thankful for His presence. The Lord is good to me. His love never fails.


March 3, 2014

I looooove Netflix. I don’t have cable and the channels on my tv barely work. So, streaming shows on my devices is so much fun. I have gotten sucked into so many shows i wouldn’t normally watch…but, they are there. Especially being so sick lately it’s easy to watch a show when I am resting and trying to feel better. Well, I have decided my brain needs a break from Netflix. the shows I watch on the channels i get on tv are on right now so that keeps me busy. I have too many things to do, books to read, and letters to write that I get get caught up in wasting time watching Netflix. Ok, with this bitter cold weather it’s been very nice to keep me entertained. Time for a little break for this Netflix junkie. I know when the third season of house of cards comes out I will be back to watch that, but until then, good bye Netflix. 


February 24, 2014

Ok…I REEEEEEALLY hate asking people for money. However, my friend set up a “Go Fund Me” page to raise support for prison ministry and encouraged me to do the same. Sooooo, I am going to try it. I will see where The Lord leads and if this would be a good way to get some expenses covered. I love what I do in the prisons and yet it is a financial burden. I you would like to check out my page or if you know anyone who may like to support me, please send them my link :


i am so grateful for the financial and prayer support I continue to receive. Thank you for coming alongside me in my ministry. To God be the Glory.


February 5, 2014

We are so hardcore in Michigan. It’s not even funny. In the words of my friend…we are Michigangsters! I can guarantee we will never take for granted being able to start our cars, going outside without our nostrils freezing, and every spring and summer day. This has been a very rough winter for me. Besides the sub zero temps, I have been constantly sick, constantly (literally) broke and constantly wondering what God is up to. I found out this week I most likely have Lyme Disease. I am thankful for a possible answer, but am really exhausted with all of life’s happenings. All I want to do is go to the prison and visit my loves, but it just hasn’t been able to happen. I have not been happy. I’m thankful for my mom and her constant support even though I am not the kindest person to her. She cares for me from afar. I don’t know what God is thinking, but He sees the complete picture. The Shepherd loves me even when I refuse to acknowledge His presence. I love the laughter He gives me from friends and family. I am beyond thankful for a warm and cozy apartment to live. I’m grateful for a job in this crazy time of uncertainty. Thank you, Abba!

Still thankful

January 15, 2014

I just have a full heart tonite. Lots to praise God about.
-rest. I am so thankful for rest. I will never take downtime for granted again.
-feeling pretty good. Despite my constant pain, I’m able to function and work and exercise. It has done my spirit and body good. I don’t like pain but I’m thankful to be off one of my normal drugs cause now I can get a little relief from the inflammatory diseases.
-friends who make me laugh soooo hard and love me even tho I had dumb reasons for hating Johnny cash and will now put up with my obsession with him.
-tv shows: yea I like tv and the stories and character development in them. If I went back into broadcasting I would want to work for a show…not the news. Lol
-family. So proud of my sis and bro and the wonderful,godly couple and parents they are. They are too much and I just love them. And of course my mom. She is hilarious and so kind to me. I can’t wait to see her this weekend.
-puppy. He always makes me laugh and is my constant companion.
-food on the table. I don’t take that for granted either. More on that on another post.
-prison/prisoners. There are no other people I would rather be with. I am so thankful for Gods ability to give me deep love and compassion for people who are identified as murderers by society. Gods grace IS sufficient.
-a lovely church to hang with right by my house. Ahhhhh so blessed yet again.


January 8, 2014

-solid church to go to practically in my own back yard.
-warm, heated apartment to come into from the negative temps outside that has been causing my inside of my nose to freeze.
-dear friends in society and in prison
-word of God
-prayer partner in a diff country
-so many good books to read
-funny tv shows
-snow, to make things look fresh and new
-food on the table
-meds to help me actually get some sleep despite being in so much pain.
-God allowing me to experience more and more what it’s like to be a minority, bringing me more understanding and love for diversity
-having just enough of the necessities to get by for the day and giving it to The Lord to provide my daily manna and money and everything else.
-a fun job that gives me a reason to laugh and see things thru the eyes of a toddler. Precious simplicity.

Oh wow!

January 3, 2014

I want 2014 to be a “O, Wow” kind of year. Not that everything has to be exciting, but that I stand in awe of our God in every little thing. I want to be joyful in the little tasks as the little things I do for others are really for the Shepherd! This makes me excited for this new year!!!

Ps: hi new followers. I’m glad you have decided to read my writings. You can find me on twitter and Instagram @shortcakessheep.

Soooooo long!

December 30, 2013

I am ready to leave 2013 behind. I am ready for 2014 and the excitement God will bring. I’ll be leaving stuff behind and taking some stuff with me. Gluten will be left behind. My body is a wreck so good bye gluten. This year my faith has been restored in fellow Christians And the church. Thank you, Lord! I’ll be taking that confidence with me. After many years of watching the church treat people like total crap, I have experienced healing in this area in 2013 and am thankful for the people who have shown me how to treat people and live in a Christ-like way. I am looking forward to a new year and getting to know the Shepherd all the more!

Goals for 2014

December 25, 2013

*finish half marathon

*ride on zamboni during red wings game

*meet tony Shalhoub 

*meet Gary Busey (we are already BFF’s on Facebook)

*go to a court trial 

*not be a patient at Beaumont hospital

*write 100 letters

*visit rush limbaugh

*eat ice cream

*kiss my niece and nephew 100 times

*kiss my puppy Gordon 100 times (a day)

*visit a prison outside of Michigan 

*be on the Ellen show…preferably to be surprised in meeting tony Shalhoub 


I feel these are all COMPLETELY doable.

Duck Dynasty

December 19, 2013

I am a HUGE fan of Duck Dynasty. I am glad Phil did the interview with GQ and I am glad he called out sin for what it is…sin! Phil has freedom of speech like all Americans are supposed to. However, A&E does not have to provide the platform for him to speak his views. I find it very funny that A&E would want to jeopardize it’s number one show that brings in the most money for the network because of these biblical views that Phil has instilled in his family. So, I stand by Phil and I hope his family will also refuse to film the show. I also hope their contract runs out soon with A&E so they can go with another network. Free speech is only applicable with the government. You can’t be penalized by the government for your opinions. Corporations are different and they can choose what they stand for. it’s obvious what A&E stands for. I am glad for the success of Duck Dynasty and am praying for the family as they are in the media spotlight for all to see. May God get the glory from their faithfulness. 


My brief two cents on the controversy:)

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