The Lord is Faithful

December 17, 2014

This year is coming to a close. I look back at a very interesting one indeed. I’ve experienced having literally nothing in my apartment to eat at one point, to now living in a house with plenty. He’s allowed all my specialists to figure out my health problems from all these many years. While I’m not healed, I have answers and have gone from not being able to work to working a few different jobs. I’m not in a place I want to be, but God continues to teach me it doesn’t matter. He has me where he wants me and teaches me that if I am obedient, he will use me like Moses wherever I go in the most exciting ways. He’s saved me from toxic Christians and has brought wonderful and patient people in my life. He has given me friends who are in prison to stretch me and grow me in my knowledge and love of Christ. My family continues to bless me. I am learning more and more material things are worthless. I am trying to invest myself in others’ lives. I have sacrificed so much this year and it has been so difficult. God is faithful. Even through these crazy trying times, I have laughed my head off and am thankful. I struggle with a lot, but the struggle is with the Shepherd by my side leading. When I have terrible days full of physical pain and exhaustion, I am proud of myself for getting things done and being able to just enjoy the day. My circumstances do not define me. This babbling post is just a small way to praise God for his provisions as I start to think of the new year, whatever it might bring!

Outfit of the day

November 7, 2014

I was browsing Instagram today and couldn’t stop laughing at different accounts where pretty much all the posts are selfies of the persons outfit of the day and jewelry and accessories. LOL! Ok I sometimes like to post about my essie nail polish because I love color. But, really????? Materialistic and self absorbed much?! I don’t think people realize how dumb they look promoting themselves trying to be fashionable and making it look like they have got it together. Especially from Christians…really? In the words of John Stossel, “Give me a break.” In the words of Katie Koppin, “get a life!” It’s sad christian culture praises materialism in this way. It’s great to look your best. But, when all your posts revolve around clothing…umm yea.


November 6, 2014

I had a pastor tell me years ago I would never amount to much leadership-wise in that church because I didn’t even attend a Christian college. What? While this statement was just one of a long list of off base comments revealing the true heart of the philosophy within that body, it stuck with me like the verses saying do not let anyone look down on you because you are young. I have so much to learn and am usually quite teachable. However, I have been thru a lot and have done more in my 29 years on this earth than most people. God is capable of using anyone he wants. He calls who he wants and equips them to do His work. He doesn’t call the equipped. I have been spreading the gospel fully and expectantly and wow, I don’t have a degree from a Christian University. My college years were so much fun and God taught me so much that I would have never received from a “Christian” place. So, I say this to encourage you! Wherever God has you, he can and will use you especially if you are obedient. Don’t be like me and take unbiblical comments seriously from people with ‘spiritual authority.’ God does not define us by our education, vocation, financial position, etc. None of this matters. What matters is if we live out His Word in our every day lives and are the hands and feet of Jesus!

Truth vs. Lies

October 20, 2014

My heart breaks today. In fact, I’m even angry. But, more than being angry, I am just sad. I’ve been seeing more and more posts on social media, and just talking with people who claim to be bible believing Christians say and write stuff that clearly does not reflect the Bible. These people claim they have received more revelation and now believe (fill in the blank). Yet, these so called revelations go directly against scripture. The Bible is very clear that it is the final authority on all matters and we are not to add to it. 2 Tim. 3:16, Proverbs 30:6, Revelation 22:19.

We, as the Bereans in Acts 17 did, need to be faithful by searching the scriptures when we hear of any teaching. We don’t want to be manipulated by teachings that sound good and are ‘just a little off’ because that is where satan gets a foothold. Teachers who claim anything other than what scriptures say are heretics and will be judged for leading Christ’s sheep astray.

The Holy Spirit dwells within us to convict and comfort us and I am thankful for this as we are in times with lots of false teachers around us. I am confident that God’s word will continue to stand true and Christ will continue to be exalted despite satan trying to distract us.

Shonda Land

October 5, 2014

For those who do not know, Shonda Rhimes is the woman who created Greys Anatomy, Scandal, and now How to Get Away with Murder among others. She is an amazing storyteller with relatable characters. I enjoy her over the top story lines and character development. She has done a great job at captivating audiences and leaving us wanting more.

The more I analyze her work, I have to wonder if she is really accomplishing what she sets out to do. She wants strong, female leads while tackling social and political issues. While her story lines continue to draw me in, I notice they all have a huge similarity. The characters all sleep around…in a major way. I suppose sex sells and that is the thing that brings in viewers, but doesn’t that take away from trying to build strong, confident, female leads? Having the characters succumb to casual sex, shows me that these characters are not the confident women Shonda wants them to be. It shows me they are so insecure and lack self control that they will give into temptations of the moment instead of sticking by moral values. Sleeping with a married man because it feels right and we are in love? Sure!! Keep ‘em coming! These shows are based on the premise that the end justifies the means. Do whatever it takes to come out on top without consequence. These women are not role models, they are sluts!

Of course this is TV and it’s not real and it’s meant to entertain. I watch these shows, but am wondering more and more what my justification is in doing so. Food for thought from a TV Junkie!

I did it again!

October 5, 2014

I deleted my facebook. I appreciate the good that comes of it but need a break from the bad. I have a bad track record of actually being able to stay off it so we will see how long this lasts. I’m still on Twitter and Instagram @shortcakessheep so send me a shout!

Proving Yourself

October 3, 2014

I’ve been noticing lately how Facebook has turned into one big Ad. My newsfeed is stuffed with one post after the next of people building themselves up. Facebook has always been about self promotion, but I have noticed it so much more recently. I do enjoy seeing what people are up to, but posting everyday, multiple times a day about your business you want people to join or what causes we need to donate to is a little much.

Then there is the “I have something to prove” category. When we constantly feel the need to post about our amazing workout, how busy we are, etc…it screams “I need approval!!!” It has really made me think about how I seek approval from others. I am usually an open book and like to think I have nothing to prove to people. However, my Facebook posts may give off the appearance that I do care what people think and am trying to prove myself. And seeing others try to prove themselves to a faceless Internet causes me to stumble as I start to question things I wouldn’t normally give a second thought.

I would give up Facebook all together but I have great people who post encouraging, uplifting things along with fun pics of their kids and what God is doing in and they them. Not to mention my amazing support group for my disease. Lots of very helpful advice comes from there.

So, I’m left thinking again about how I portray myself on Facebook as to be encouraging to others instead of annoying!


September 18, 2014

Laughter is the best medicine. In the middle of the hard times with my health, the Shepherd gives me so much to laugh about, be thankful for, and enjoy. God is so good!


August 23, 2014

I feel like I have a whole new life. Within the last month I’ve moved, started a new job, gone to a new church, and hang around tons of new people. As I adjust to this new life, I am so thankful. The Shepherd’s mercies are new each morning. I make so many mistakes, rebel against the Shepherd and ignore His guidance. He leads me back. He loves me. He wants me. Lord, give me the grace to keep loving others and to expect nothing in return. We have all been deeply hurt by those who were supposed to love us. Praise God for newness. Hurts can be healed. Damage can be mended. The Lord is my Shepherd, I have all I need.

Birthday List!

August 21, 2014

I got my very first birthday card in the mail today, so I figured people would want to know what they can get me for my birthday. I’m confident that if everyone puts forth effort, I will get everything on my list this year!!

-Tony Shalhoub and Gary Busey at my front door.
-a ride on the zamboni at Joe Loius Arena
– Johnny Cash’s star from the Hollywood walk of fame
-to be an extra in an episode of House Of Cards
-be on the Ellen Show

No worries, I will act surprised when I get these gifts!!!

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